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Frequently Asked Questions About FlipPDF software

41. Can I save current settings for future using?

42. Delete flash book themes.

43. How to import themes and apply to flipping pamphlets?

44. Do you need to convert multiple PDF files to flip books?

45. How to output flippingbooks to available in Mac OS?

46. Use your own flip magazine icon.

47. Can I merge PDF files to one flash book?

48. Can I define the book HTML properties?

49. Make flippingbooks available on mobile devices like iPhone or Android?

50. Make your book flips on mobile devices.

51. Send the book via email as attachment.

52. How to put links to watermarks of flippingbooks?

53. Do you need to save current project for future process?

54. How to make watermark not to cover the whole page?

55. How to create my own watermark?

56. How to quick import to make demo version flip book?

57. Do you need to open an external file in the flash book?

58. Output the flippingbook in a smaller size.

59. How to change the graphic layer of flippingbooks?

60. Can I burn flippingbooks to CDs?

61. Command line usage of Flip PDF.

62. Export your watermark to use in other machine.

63. How to quick merge PDF files to flippingbook?

64. Why can’t I search by keywords with search button enabled?

65. Can I check the search traffic of my flippingbooks?

66. How to use download themes to flash flippingbooks?

67. How to change the flash window font color?

68. Redo or undo the previous operations?

69. Can I hide the sound player in the flash magazine?

70. How to make the book slide?

71. How to make the thumbnail not show when start up?

72. Can I renew my Flipping PDF and how can I find the latest software?

73. What’s the flip PDF page capacity?

74. Find setting option of flip PDF in few seconds?

75. Customize search characters on flipping pages of flipbook?

76. How to improve search engine of flip book?

77. Customize mobile version of flip book?

78. Add page or delete page of flip book?

79. New template to design flip book more realistic?

80. Copy and paste object quickly to pages of flip book?

81. Reorder pages of flip book?

82. Four ways to go to pages of flip book quickly?

83. New function of Flip PDF to help you upload flipbook?

84. Show flip book with double-page at the starting?

85. New page flipbook templates to design flip book?

86. Open output flip book to edit?

87. Make animated thumbnails of flip book?

88. How to save flip book file for later designing?

89. How to easily add flash into flip book?

90. Embed link to the image of flip book?

91. How to use online templates to design flip book?

92. Add scenes to make flip book with animated background?

93. Got the problem of running EXE flip book?

94. Add effect of embedded images of flip book?

95. Easily insert animated text to flip book?

96. Make flip book to be read on Android?

97. Make app flip book by Flip PDF?

98. Add another PDF to flip book by Flip PDF Professional?

99. How can I made iPad flip book?

100. Add animated slideshow to flip book?

101. Decorate flip book with selecting flash directly from resource?

102. Embed YouTube Video into flipbook with using Professional Flash Flip Software?

103. How to always show my table of content by PDF to Flashbook Software?

104. Can I add Table of Content in Flipbook Manually by PDF to Flipbook Converter?

105. How to initial show my bookmark of flipbook in Digital Publication Software?

106. How do I change the flipbook's bookmark font color by Digital Magazine Creator?

107. Put Bookmark on the right side of flipbook in pdf2flash software?

108. PDF to Flash Page Flip Converter for add password protection for your flipbook.

109. How to embed image & photo slideshow into flash pages with use Digital Flipbook Software?

110. How to add hyper-link into flash pages by Flip Catalog Software?

111. How to add a Link Button on your flipbook by Flash Page Flip Maker?

112. Add Action Button on your flip pages by Online Book Publishing Software?

113. How to add print area on flip pages by Indesign to Flipbook Converter?

114. How to add logo to brand my flipbook by Flipping Book Software?

115. How to add watermark in your flipbook by Flipbook Software?

116. How to remove the watermark from flip page by Page Turning Software?

117. How to use Email function in Flip Page Software?

118.How to share my flipbook on Facebook by Page Flipping Book?

119. How to auto flips my flipbook with Flipbook Converter Program?

120. How to select language for your flipbook with Digital Magazine Creator?

121. How to create a language switchable flipbook by PDF to Flip Page Software?

122. How to add annotations in my Flipbook by PDF to Flip Book Maker?

123. How to use digital magazine publishing software to change icon color of flipbook?

124. How to change page thickness of flipbook by Flash Flip Book Maker?

125. How to change the pre-loader of flipbook by Digital Flipbook Software?

126. How to change flipbook background image with Flip Magazine Make Software?

127. Use PDF to Digital Magazine Software change inner and outer background image of flipbook.

128. Use PDF to Flipbook Online Converter to add background music into flipbook.

129. Use Flipbook Digital Publishing Software to change bar color for flipbook

130. How to reset the page size of flipbook with Flash Flip Software?

131. Use PDF to Flip Book Maker to control the page shadow for flipbook.

132. How to set page ranges of PDF to import and convert by Flipbook builder?

133. How to embed Google Analytics feature in your flipbook by Digital Magazine Maker?

134. How to make flipbook from right to left by PDF2Flash Software?

135. Guideline for set page quality and size by Flash Flip Book Maker

136. How to apply the Search function in PDF to Flash Page Flip Converter?

137. How to use online book publishing software to import URL links from your PDF file?

138. Can Indesign to Flash Flip Book intelligent adjustment the PDF import pages?

139. Use PDF to Digital Magazine to create ZIP format flipbook.


Flip Page Setting and Edit

1. How to add a photo slideshow on my flipping book?

2. How can I print some flash pages or some passages out I need?

3. Can I change the color of printable area on flash book?

4. Is there any efficient way to find the printable area on flip pages?

5. Can I add some descriptions of the printable area on flip pages?

6. Can I convert word files to be digital book?

7. Can I set a password to protect my flip book?

8. Can I add our Home Page URL on our online catalogs?

9. How to set background music on flip book?

10. How can I change the HTML title of flipping book?

11. How can I add a sound which can play on or off by readers?

12. Users can download my flip book?

13. How can I keep my customized flash template on templates and use it next time?

14. Why can’t I see control bars when I look full screen of my page flip book?

15.How to use the Google Analytics integration of online flipping book?

16.Why my book title and logo of my page flip E-book disappear?

17.Why I can’t set my own background of flip book?

18.How to set links between pages?

19.How to set zoom in or zoom out of my flipbook?

20.Can I add new icons into toolbar with customized calling action?

21.Can I import my original PDF bookmarks to flip book?

22.Change the color of font on flash window?

23.How can I change the icon color on flash window?

24.Why flipbook has not book frame bar?

25.Can I set two backgrounds of flipping book?


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