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General questions:

Can I get an Invoice for my order?

What's your refund policy?

How can I get my lost register key?

What is your License Policy?

How to upload flip book to website?

Make flip book in exe format by Flip PDF?

How can I share my flipbook online?

What I should do if I want to update flip software to the latest version?

How do I embed flip book into a website?

How to embed flip book to blog page?


Flip PDF (Professional)

1. How to hide the toolbar of the flash flipping PDF?

2. Can I lead readers to my homepage with flip page catalog?

3. Want reader to know more about you and your products?

4. Why the toolbar disappeared when the flip book is in full screen mode?

5. Can I print the flash flip effect manual to papers?

6. Enable the download function of the flash flip magazine.

7. How to make background music play in the flash flipping story book?

8. The page is still small when zoomed in?

9. Can I search the contents of the flash catalog?

10. Some options to share your flash album with your friends or clients.

11. Why the flash flipping catalog always flips automatically when I start it up?

12. Some options to switch page turning effects of the flash magazine.

13. How to switch the book toolbar language?

14. Do you want to customize the toolbar icon of your own style?

15. How to change the background color of your album?

16. Change background file and design my own style.

17. How to make the flash book more realistic?

18. How to flip the flash book from left to right?

19. Make a hard cover flash book.

20. How to make the flash page flip faster?

21. Create a mini flash book to embed to a web page.

22. Can I add any security options to the flash book?

23. Add bookmarks to the flash flip book.

24. How to make a flash flipping paper?

25. Can I add a logo to the flipping catalog?

26. Set your own title of flippingbook.

27. Add links to flippingbook.

28. How to embed a video to my flipping magazine?

29. Adding image to flash flip booklet.

30. Can I embed audios to the flippingbook?

31. How can I add images to flipbook page?

32. How to play flash in a flash flip book?

33. How to add button on flippingbook?

34. Embed a YouTube video to flip book page.

35. Do you want to print specified page only of flipping magazine?

36. Embed a slide photo album to the flipping magazine.

37. Why all links are unavailable after imported to flippingbook?

38. How to add watermark to flippingbooks?

39. Define the flip book quality and size.

40. How to search flip book contents?


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