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More Frequently Asked Questions

41. Add links between pages of flip book?

42. Can I change the help content of shopping catalog?

43. Use self-designed icons to design flip book?

44. Add an image into flip book for playing audio?

45. Add a button into shopping catalog for opening photo slideshow?

46. How to save edit of shopping catalog for future use?

47. How to make one link to all pages of flip book quickly?

48. How can I customize the flip book after conversion?

49. Call action of logo image to open home Page URL?

50. Customize the bookmark of flip book in Flexible Template?

51. How to share flip catalog easily on social networks online?

52. How can I sent flip catalog by email?

53. Convert multi PDF files to one shopping catalog?

54. Export bookmark of flip catalog for future using?

55. Easily add price tag to online flip shopping catalog?

56. Where can I add sales icons to flip catalog?

57. What I can use for the text button?

58. Sent exe flip catalog to customers by email?

59. How to make flip brochure to be searchable?

60. Add print watermark file to flip catalog?

61. Embed page link of book content to open page?

62. Define flip brochure to flip pages automatically?

63. Don’t want to retain flip catalog to center?

64. Change thumbnail background color of flip catalog?

65. Save template settings of flip catalog for later using?

66. How to save project of flip catalog for later designing?

67. Embed self-designed button to flip catalog?

68. Set the tool bars on the top of flip catalog interface?

69. Make flip catalog in French language?

70. Would like to add MP4 to flip catalog?

71. Add an image to flip catalog to open a You tube video?

72. Can I add a button to open MP4 video?


Flip Office

1. How to make flip book by Flip Office?

2. Can I make exe flip book by Flip Office?

3. Create hardcover flip book with Flip Office?

4. How to make auto flip book by Flip Office?

5. How I can publish images as flip book?

6. Can I add You tube video to flash page flip book?

7. Make flash page flip book with thumbnails by Flip Office?

8. How do I import bookmarks to flash document?

9. Why I can’t use share button of flash page flip book?

10. How to make auto flipping flash presentation?

11. Can I change the background of flip book?

12. How to enable print button to be worked on flip book?

13. Why the page background can’t appear all in the converted flip book?

14. Change background color of flip book by page flip software?



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