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Can I convert word files to be digital book?


I’m an amateur writer, and recently I finished one novel about forest and saved it as word document. It’s impossible to publish them out as paper book now, but I also want to share with more people. That’s my hobbit. Can I covert my novel to be a digital book? Is there any tool to make it possible to make my own E-book, then I can share with more people online and offline?


Yes, we have developed different software according to different document. All in all, PDF documents to flip book is our main product. We also have another series of software, such as word documents to flip page, excel files to flip page, power point documents to flip book, and photos to flip album and so on. So you can use flip word to make your own digital book. You can find Flip Word on our website.

In addition, you can also use flip office to make your digital book, as it can convert more kinds of documents into flip book and even convert photos to digital album.

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