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How to use online book publishing software to import URL links from your PDF file?


Hi, there! I would like to use Flip PDF software to create an electronic book with some URL links when importing my PDF into the software. How could I just make the links that already existed in the PDF also available in the electronic book?


Through using import function of Flip PDF, the software will automatically import the URL links that already existed in your PDF. These links might be web links, page links and also email links.

Here, please follow several steps to complete it:


Step1: Run the Flip PDF software, and then click the button “Create New” to build a new Flipbook Project.


Step 2: Select the template you want. Of course, you could choose the local model or just install the online model. Then click “Next” in order to move to next step.

Step3: Choose the PDF file and then import it into the software. With the interface “import File” you could an option called “import links”. Please tick it so that the links could be added into your electronic book.

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Step 4: Click the button “import Now”, import your ODF. Therefore, your links could be added into Flipbook.