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Can I change the color of printable area on flash book?


Hi, I am making a digital brochure on Flipping PDF, and I would like to print some flash pages on my E-brochure. When I choose the flip pages I need, but I do not like the color of printable areas. Can I change another color on those flip pages?


Yes, you can change another color of printable areas on your digital brochure. As you can see the Edit pages in Flipping PDF, and click on the printable areas. Then you can find one link properties window on the flip page Editor.

On this link properties small window, you can see the color and the border color. The color means the space of the area on flip page, and the border color means the edge of the box where you draw the printable areas on flip pages. Then choose the color and border color you like.

Lastly save and exit. Then you can make the favorite color on your digital brochure.


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