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Copy and paste object quickly to pages of flip PDF?

Hi we have bought your Flip PDF Professional last week, it’s a really good tool in our business to publish learning guides for different customers. We would like to add same photo slideshow on each page of flip book quickly, but we also don’t want the entry appearance of photo slideshow is different in order to make learning guides more interesting. How can we copy and paste photo slideshow quickly to each page of flip guides book?



It’s very easy for you to copy and paste photo slideshow with Flip PDF Professional, as you can finish the task with edit function of Flip PDF Professional.

For example, add an image to call action of photo slideshow. After adding photo slideshow, you can select the photo slideshow and click copy and paste button on edit interface of Flip PDF Professional. Then you can choose paste object to all pages.

copy and paste object to pages by flip pdf professional

If you want to make different showing of slideshow, you can change image with inserting another image.

insert image file to flip book

Lastly, save and exit.


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