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Can I add our Home Page URL on our online catalogs?


We’re a manufacturer of garment accessories, and we are making online products catalogs by FlipPDF. We’d like to add our Home Page URL on our catalogs to make more customers to search our company website or other website with more information about us. Is it possible to add the URL on catalogs?

Even we can write the website on our flip page, but few people can look and search it. It’s not good for our promotion. In addition, I saw some buttons would appear the outer appearance, just like “social share” button, people would easily to see and use it. So can I add a button that would make customers to search our website easily and fast?


Hi, it’s not need to add a button, because our software already has this function button. You can find the button on tool bars setting. Under the Buttons Bar, you can find the “Home button”. That is where you can add your Home Page URL or your website.

Just like if we want to add our home page URL, we would write “ www.flippdf.com”. Then if customers want to open the online catalogs, only clicking the “return home”, then they can easily to see your company website and get more information they want.




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