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Users can download my flip book?


Hi, I want to ask whether users can download my flip book or not? Because sometimes my digital book have more than 500 pages, it would be not convenient for users to read, because few people would have enough time to read it all once. And you also said users can read flip book online and offline, so can I set a download bar to make users easily to read my digital book?



Yes, you can set a download URL to let users to download your digital book easily and fast. When you enter into flip pdf interface, you should find download setting under design setting. You can write you download URL, and the most important thing is that you must ensure download URL is the same domain as the flipbook uploaded URL.

Do not forget to make download enable. Because if download unable, even you have written your download URL, users can’t download your digital book.
Then you can apply change to see the effect. You can find “Download” on the interface, when readers click it, they can download your digital book easily.







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