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Flip Publisher - freeware

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The All-In-One Page Flip Publishing Solution for document to Flash Online Publication

100% freeware to create digital page turn magazines from text documents. The page flipping comes with an audio effect too.

  • Create digital page turn magazine from text book in seconds
  • Support for iPhone/iPad and Android for mobile viewing, and many more.
  • All the files will be created on your computer and you can host them both online and offline
  • Share the page flipping book with your friends though emails, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc
  • Flash Page flip book can be used offline (Desktop/CD's/DVD's/USB-flashdrives etc.)
  • Immediately preview of page turn magazines result, no need of downloading or installing anything
  • Customize to your company brand identity e.g. colors, logos, sound, and much more...

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  • Overview

Flip Publisher is an 100% free flipping book software that allows you to create realistic page flip / page turn effects for online magazines,catalogues. With Flip Publisher, smply import your text book, configure the look&feel and hit the publish button. Enjoy the real page turning effect! And you can now quickly and easily offer your readers an enhanced online version of your publication while they enjoy the flexibility, interactivity and rich media features associated with each digital edition. Additionally, publishers can create an instant web presence and introduce new revenue streams, while significantly lowering costs.

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1. Customized Viewer Interface : Customized viewer, allows you to change background and toolbar colors, add or remove graphics and features.

2. Import Logo : Import your company's logo directly into your digital edition.

3. Background Image : Allows you to insert any image directly on the background of your edition.

4. Search : Allows your readers to search for specific content within the edition

5: Thumbnail Browser Interface : Instant overview of the whole edition using small images.

6. Bookmark : Allows your readers to add bookmarks to your edition for easy reference and return to a specific page.

7. Printing : Readers can print single and multiple pages of your digital edition.

8. Send as e-mail : You and your readers can e-mail the digital edition to friends, customers and business associates.

9. CD Version : Mail your digital edition on a CD/ DVD for your customers viewing and reference. Save on paper and mailing costs.

10. Publishing with one Button-Click for online & offline use

11. Sharing on Email, Facebook, Twitter..

12. Download, Print, Fullscreen and Pageoverview controls.

13. Auto-Play support - automatically flipping pages

14. Multiple Methods of Distribution - Online publications may be published from your personal Web server, embedded on social media, placed on a CD/DVD/USB device or embedded into e-mail for fast, effortless, and eco-friendly distribution.

15. Easy Navigation - Online publications look and read like traditional magazines with turn page. Search functions allow readers to find key words, phrases, or sentences; a convenient index and hyperlinks help readers locate information quickly; a zoom function keeps the pages crisp, smooth, and easy to read.

16. Integrated online WEB marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Insert your own tracking code from your standard provider (e.g. Google Analytics) for visits of your online publication ; Animated teaser / banner for your online publication to place at your WEB site.


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