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Easy and Quick! HTML5 Presentation Maker Creates Non-linear Presentation

When asked about which presentation maker have aroused interest and give non-linear presentations quickly, a majority people may answer: Prezi. Certainly, Prezi is fantastic for creating beautiful non-linear presentations, however, it also shows some limits for it only ensures a smooth presentation creating experience online. Prezi will never satisfy all creation needs, especially those who are trying to make gorgeous non-linear presentation on desktop. Therefore, is there any powerful tool recommended to make non-linear presentation easy and quick?


The answer is YES! As the best presentation maker for making stunning HTML5 presentation in minutes, Focusky will be a perfect choice for creating non-linear presentation. You can freely customize your presentation on desktop, making your content rich and interactive. First to get great inspiration on Focusky.com. Tons of amazing features provided to beautify your presentation while beautiful online examples offering you a wonderful viewing experience.





Focusky-An Easiest Way to Develop Non-linear Presentation

It is no need to be a professional designer, you can easily get started with Focusky and create stunning non-linear presentation with ease. This innovative HTML5 presentation maker sparks your creative ideas, making your content logical and clear when presenting.


A cool presentation even know little about coding and design skills? Of course! This software is easy to use but ensures a professional-looking presentation. Instead of PowerPoint’s slide-to-slide presenting style, your presentation will be displayed in non-linear way. Therefore, you can easily make audiences to follow your mind, then clearing your content from parts to the whole or from whole to the parts easily. Audiences will be really appreciated for such an outstanding experience.


Easy and Quick! HTML5 Presentation Maker Creates Non-linear Presentation


How to Well-organize Presentation for Attention-Grabbing Results?

Rather than being stuck in static slide of PowerPoint, your contents are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with unlimited zoom and pan effect, like an animated movie. This amazing HTML5 presentation maker makes your presentation to be attention-grabbing and competitive.


Easy and Quick! HTML5 Presentation Maker Creates Non-linear Presentation


◎Amazing 3D Camera

Audiences are easily follow the path of discovery and know about your non-linear presentation. Adding a mind-mapping style to deliver content is effective to capture wider attention. Zooming, panning and rotating effect will make your presentation gorgeous. Audiences are certainly engaged themselves in the unique 3D experience.


◎Beautiful Background

Using beautiful backgrounds can make your non-linear presentation vivid. Focusky offers plenty of backgrounds to enrich presentation, including 3D background, image background, video background and background color. You can easily select an outstanding one to well-decorate your presentation. Moreover, customizing your own style background for presentation is meaningful.


◎Powerful Animation Editor

Focusky makes your presentation dynamic with 300+animation effects. You can use Entrance, Emphasis and Exits effects to emphasize important points for increasing audiences’ interest. By customizing animation duration, start time and delay time, your presentation will bring an impressive visual enjoyment for audiences. What is more, you can also apply outstanding action paths to make your content delivered in a specific path. It makes presenting more interesting and fresh.


Easy and Quick! HTML5 Presentation Maker Creates Non-linear Presentation


Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform to Reach Globally

When you have make your non-linear presentation rich, multimedia and interactive, you then publish it online to share your ideas and value. Focusky provides cloud-based presentation platform to make your presentation reach globally. Millions of audience is easy to access your content from everywhere online. Bravo!


Easy and Quick! HTML5 Presentation Maker Creates Non-linear Presentation



Focusky is such an awesome HTML5 presentation maker that makes non-linear presentation with ease. It provides powerful features to strengthen presentation, giving audiences a stunning content enjoyment. Your intuitive presentation will be powerful to impress audiences worldwide with online platform. Via social sharing, you can even powerfully wow the world.