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Flash PageFlip Template - Blue Style

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Amazing Blue themes for Flash Flip Book

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  • Pre-designed blue style theme with three templates for your digital book



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of Blue

Hello, today we prepare blue style with three different templates for your fashionable flip book. They are all free for you. Do you like blue color? Would you like to own blue templates to decorate your digital magazine? Do you want to design outstanding output appearance of your amazing digital book in few seconds? Do you need to show your digital versions with sensibility to catch people’s heart? Here, you can make them all come true. There are seven main colors in our world, but at the same time, we would have thousands of colors and have kinds of blue colors. In some extent, blue represents ocean which is very pure, so someone has said that blue would show people’s generosity and pursuit for harmony society. Meanwhile, someone has said that it’s also cold color and it would show the one who is gloomy. In total, people would like to choose blue to build their corporate image, for example, computer, car, printer, photography and so on. Different culture has different knowledge for blue, but the total effect is that it would easily to make people to think ocean, water, sky which would make people feel good and peaceful. Get these blue style templates now.


Screen shot of Blue template