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Flash PageFlip Template - Moon Style

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Pre-design Moon style templates for flipping page

  • These moon templates would make your digital book more impressive.

  • Free moon templates for your choice.

  • Get these special templates without any hesitation.



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of Moon style

Have you listened the music “Moonlight Shadow”? It’s a nice song. But if the lyrics without suitable scores, it’s just a song with nice lyrics. So if your digital book without nice themes, it would be a normal book. These moon templates are very special for your choice to decorate your digital book well. These templates which you can see different affection of human. From the first template, what would you think? There are two people, male and female, they love each other with passion. Then for the second template, their affection might be love between couple, father and daughter. Their love is quiet and can’t describe for words. The last template show battles, what they fight for? Maybe they fight for peace. No matter in which template, the moon would not change, and no matter what the people, the other animal would accompany them. Time passed quickly, some people left the world, but the moon is still in the sky. Year after year, everything would be changed except the moon. What would you do in this kind of night? These moon templates would make your flip book, digital album, flash book more special. Everyone has his or her own story for the moon, what’s your story? You can write your own story and make a digital book with these templates.


Screen shot of Moon style template