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Flash PageFlip Template - Wedding Style

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Pre-design Wedding style templates for flipping page

  • Flowers wedding templates make your digital album more fantasy.

  • Free flowers wedding templates is customized for wedding digital book and wedding album.

  • Best wishes with flowers on your wedding gift---wedding E-book.



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of Wedding style

These wedding stylish templates are around flowers. Have you got married? Or are you going to get married? Or you are invited to a marriage party? No matter in which status, you must prepare a gift. Wedding is one of the most important things in our life, especially for female. And there are a lot of different weddings in different country. In total, wedding is connected with religions, social classes, and countries. Just like Muslim, they would like your gift with best wishes and prayer. But most of people would have white weddings, do you know white wedding? It’s the new couple would wear white wedding dress. And in China, white wedding is also popular, but they would like to make a Chinese traditional wedding connected with Western white wedding. The bride would wear Chinese Cheongsam and Western White dress. Would you have any idea to make a gift according to different wedding? Have you thought about to make a digital photo album with video, and the video which was all wishes to the new couples? Or do you have any words to wish new couples with meaningful song or photos? If so, you can make one special gift by Flip PDF, and you can also use these stylish wedding templates to decorate them. The flowers are full of happiness and best wishes. Hope you can enjoy your day..


Screen shot of Wedding style template