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Flash PageFlip Template - Dream World Style

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Pre-design Dream World style templates for flipping page

  • Dream world style templates decorate flipping book easily and fast

  • Dream to have dream world style templates on E-magazine, it can come true here.

  • Free stylish templates for your choices.



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of Dream World style

Everyone would have dream, but it’s all different. Dream has two meanings, one is that we would make dream when we are sleep, the other one is our ambition. No matter what the dream is, there are two possible ending for it, fail or make it true. When we were young, there were a lot of “dreams” in our mind, but most of them failed. But when we grow up, we have few dreams in our mind. But we would strive to make it true, that’s our life. We have idea to decorate our life by our own hands. These dream world style templates have three different colors, and different color represents different dream world. You can use these free stylish templates to make your own dream world. How is your dream world in your mind? Maybe you would have a dream to make a book by yourself, or to be an editor of E-magazine. Using flipping book software would make it true. Would you strive to decorate your dream world now? Just click download for free, you can decorate your dream world easily and fast.


Screen shot of Dream World style template