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Flash PageFlip Template - Sunset Style

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Pre-design Sunset style templates for flipping page

  • Sunset style templates will double your happiness on flipping book, E-magazine and digital photo album.

  • Pre-designed sunset templates for your reference on making flip page

  • Free flip page templates are waiting for you



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of Sunset style

The sunset style has three different templates full of happiness, every template show a different period of the sunset. As you can see the first template, there is one couple who hand in hand to see the sunset. Do not think it’s romantic and happy. That’s a beautiful period in a whole day. Because the sky is colorful and the sunshine is gentle, and it’s very quiet just like the maple in fall. You can choose these different templates to make your colorful templates. These templates also show the distance between male and female. The different distance would connect with different color sky. But there is one thing would not change, that’s all happiness. You can use these templates to make your flip page or E-magazine, even the digital photo album full of happiness. When you’re sad, you would hide yourself, because that’s something only you should face. But no matter how sad you are, everything will be fine. Happiness would be double when you share with others. There is no doubt that you have received other’s happiness before, don’t you? Now you can use these templates to share your happiness with others.


Screen shot of Sunset style template