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Flash PageFlip Template - China Style

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Pre-design China style templates for flipping page

  • To make flipping book quickly and special with China style templates.

  • Three different stylish templates for your stylish flipping book.

  • Pre-design free templates.



  • Overview

Flip page effect booklets templates of China style

This China style templates would make your flipping book full of Chinese culture.
China, officially the People Republic of China (PRC), is a popular country with a large population and along history. In these recent years, China develops very fast. Why? The basic reason is that China has opened her door to connect with others. For example, for the economy, China has set a series of policy to open more harbors to trade and also keep the balance of import and export. As you can see the 2008 Olympic Game, 2011 Asia Game, and Canton Fair in Guangzhou each year. The China style templates have three different templates, and each template would include the Chinese and English version. Especially different Chinese character would be fixed with different background. It’s full of Chinese culture. All these things show that China would like to make friends with people who speak different language. Do you know you can also new or edit a language on your flipping book? Then the people all around the world can read your special E-book. People can switch the language which they would like to read.


Screen shot of China style template